Climate change caused Liangzhu, the Venice of the Stone Age, to collapse.

Climate change, According to Christoph Spötl of the University of Innsbruck, A thin layer of clay was found on the preserved ruins. 온라인카지노

Which points to a possible connection between the demise of the advanced civilization and floods of the Yangtze River or floods from the East China Sea.

No evidence could be found for human causes, such as warlike conflicts.

The archeological remains of Liangzhu City are situated in the Yangtze Delta, roughly 160 kilometers southwest of Shanghai.

A highly developed civilization there began to emerge around 5,300 years ago as a result of the engineering of substantial hydraulic structures.

The fortified city had an intricate network of canals, dams, and water reservoirs that could be navigated.

With the help of this technique, relatively sizable agricultural fields might be farmed all year long.

One of the first examples of highly developed settlements built on a water infrastructure may be found in the history of human civilization.

Without using any metal, they accomplished everything.

The archaeological site, which was previously unknown, is now regarded as a well-preserved record of Chinese civilization stretching back more than 5000 years and was inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2019.

But this city’s superior civilization abruptly came to an end. 카지노사이트

Climate change, The solution is held in Dripstones.

Among the most significant climate archives that exist are caves and associated deposits, including dripstones.

They enable the reconstruction of the climate above the caves as far back as a few hundred thousand years.

The research team looked for pertinent archives in order to look into a potential climatic cause of the sudden collapse of the Liangzhu culture because it is still unclear what caused it.

From the two caves Shennong and Jiulong, which are situated southwest of the excavation site,

geologist Haiwei Zhang of Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an collected stalagmite samples.

A period of exceptionally high precipitation occurred between 4345 and 4324 years ago, according to data from the stalagmites.

The University of Innsbruck’s measurement of carbon’s isotope records served as proof of this.

Xi’an Jiaotong University’s uranium-thorium analyses

Whose measurement precision is 30 years, were used to perform the exact date.

The tremendous flooding of the Yangtze and its branches brought on by the heavy monsoon rains undoubtedly caused even the most advanced dams and canals to fail

Demolishing Liangzhu City and causing residents to evacuate. According to the geologists’ analysis of the cave data

The extremely humid weather persisted in patches for an additional 300 years. 카지노 블로그